Stratford Pound

In the search for your lost pet in Taranaki, whether they be a cat or dog or bird, it is commonly understood that the most likely place that it will be if it is found by a stranger and fellow pet owner is in a local pound, shelter, or veterinarian… such as somewhere like the Stratford dog pound.

With this knowledge in mind, a lot of pet owners during the search for their lost pet will first check these places assuming that whoever has found them will follow the same thought pattern – but will often be deterred when the first couple of places they call have no information regarding their lost pet.

Our pet alert system completely knocks this fear and concern out of the water. Our unique pet alert system allows you to fill in the unique identifying features about your pet and then on your behalf we will contact thousands of veterinarians, volunteers, pounds, kennels, walkers, breeders, clubs and animal hospitals to name a few with SMS, e-mail and phone calls.

Through our system we have brought thousands of pets back home to their owners in not only Taranaki and Stratford but all across New Zealand and Australia. No time is too soon to get us on the case – we’re the pet detectives! List your pet as lost with us now!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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