Finding your lost bird

How to Find Your Lost Bird

Find your lost bird quicker with Lost Pet Finders

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  • It only takes a few minutes to place your lost bird details on the #1 LOST AND FOUND BIRD WEBSITE, and your lost bird can quickly become one of the many lucky birds that are found and reunited on the website thanks to a wide range of effective free and paid features.

  • By displaying your lost bird on our location based interactive LOST & FOUND PET MAP you dramatically increase the chances of your bird being found quickly via exposing it to hundreds of people checking the website every day, including various Pet Professionals, like Vets. All lost bird listings are free and have no time limit.
  • Start spreading the word quickly by printing out our free LOST BIRD FLYERS immediately after registration. Our flyers have proven to be one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about lost birds locally. Their professional, clear and efficient layout makes it easy for people to tear off your phone number and save it for later.

  • Your local LPF Facebook community is ready to provide support and be on the lookout as soon as they see your free instant FACEBOOK POST for your lost bird. We make sure that your post stands out and highlights the urgency, compelling more people to share your lost bird post.

  • Review found bird reports with the help of our free PET RADAR tool! Any potential found bird matches are delivered to your email automatically saving you precious time and making sure you do not miss any found bird reports that could be a match.
  • FACEBOOK BOOST allows you to reach out to Facebook users beyond your friend circle and the followers of any lost pet group or page. People just need to be located close to where your bird was lost to see your sponsored ad placed directly in their social media timelines.
  • Our emergency alerting service - PET ALERTS - will help you canvass a radius around where your bird was lost. Get the word out immediately to local Pet Professionals (Vets, Pounds and more), private members of the website (who registered just like you) and even those in your area who have no membership with LPF but reside within the coverage area.
  • Not sure how to start your search? We have developed an easy-to-follow BIRD FINDING GUIDE for you based on years of research and experience. Our daily support and advice emails will give you plenty of ideas on how to find your lost bird.

  • Do birds get found? Yes, every day. You just need to have a look at some of our amazing lost bird reunion stories on our REUNITED PETS page.