Pet Alert


Optional pet alert system to get the message out quickly about your lost pet to your local community

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What is a Pet Alert?

  • Email, SMS and Phone Broadcast Pet Alert about your lost pet to our
    PET NETWORK (blue circle on the map):
    Vet, Pounds, Councils plus our private Members within a coverage area set up automatically by the system.

  • SMS and Phone Broadcast Pet Alert about your lost pet to the
    GENERAL PUBLIC (red circle on the map):
    local households not registered with LPF within a coverage area set up automatically by the system.

Pet Alert Explained





Alert Numbers

How much does Pet Alert cost?

  • Fixed Price options for the Pet Alert start from $25.00.

  • Pay attention to the circles on the map, they are your Pet Alert coverage areas. Your Alert will be sent to people and Pet Professionals within those areas.

  • Pay attention to the numbers in each group, these are the numbers of people we are able to send your Pet Alert to using the budget that you have selected.



How does Pet Alert work?

  • You pay for your Pet Alert once and it gets dispatched once shortly after you paid. It takes up to 20 min for your lost Pet Alert to get fully dispatched depending on its size.

  • The emails about your lost pet go out immediately, the phone calls and the SMS go out shortly after between 10am and 7pm, or are scheduled for the next morning if outside those hours.

  • You will receive your Pet Alert receipt including the size of your coverage areas, the numbers of people and the list of Pet Professionals (.i.e. Vets) your Pet Alert was sent to.




What does Pet Alert look like?


Alert Phone Call

Pet Alert Phone broadcast preview:

*Actual phone message may differ as we refine the messaging service to deliver the greatest impact.


Pet Alert Email - Basic representation only

Pet Alert Email

Pet Alert SMS - Basic representation only

Pet Alert Sms

Want to cover larger areas?

Not a problem. Using our Custom Search option you can adjust your lost Pet Alert coverage areas yourself:

  • The PET NETWORK blue circle (Pet Professionals + Our Private Members) to up to 50km radius

  • The GENERAL PUBLIC red circle (non-members of LPF) to up to 5km radius.

Move the sliders and see the number of people in both groups change depending on how wide you go with your lost Pet Alert coverage areas.