Finding A Lost Dog

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When dogs are lost or when they escape they are a lot more social than cats and can travel further on their own four feet in a short period of time. Depending on how friendly your dog is towards humans and other dogs it can get noticed pretty quickly and if approachable, may be taken to a vet or a pound. If the dog gets picked up on the street by a driver it can be taken a lot further to a different suburb or town.


If you are tight on budget consider investing in one or the other: notifying as many of the general public (red radius) as you can to get a quick sighting or lead from someone in the neighbourhood who may have seen your dog on the streets; or notifying a wide range of our Pet Network members (blue radius) to make sure that you reach even the most distant Pet Professionals. Investing in both is considered the best option.


Do not rely on your pets microchip.  We have had an alarming number of cases where a dog was not scanned, the chip failed or just plainly was not found because the poor dog could not keep nice and still. Therefore, you need to let as many people and organisations know about your dog as you can to increase your chances.


Concentrate most of your time on canvassing the neighbourhood and calling your dog's name, but don't forget to visit your pound regularly. Do not rely on phone conversations with verbal descriptions as they can be very misleading.


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