Finding your lost cat

How to Find Your Lost Cat

Find your lost cat quicker with Lost Pet Finders

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  • So many cats are brought back to their families weekly on the #1 LOST AND FOUND CAT WEBSITE. Register your lost cat quickly and easily and start utilising the most advanced cat finding technologies.

  • Put a free public lost cat ad on our interactive LOST & FOUND PET MAP. It will get exposed to hundreds of website visitors daily. A high number of Pet Professionals including Vets check the website when a found cat is brought in to their clinic or shelter.
  • Our instant PRINTABLE LOST CAT FLYERS are free and designed to raise maximum awareness about your lost cat among local residents. This makes it an extremely effective tool as you have a greater chance to receive a found or sighted cat report to put you on the right track.

  • Reach out to the local Facebook community with our free instant lost cat FACEBOOK POST. Your lost cat post is sure to be noticed by more Facebook users with its well thought out, eye-catching design that stands out among other posts.

  • Staying on top of local found cat reports on the website is so easy with PET RADAR! Start getting new found cat reports in your local area via email with the help of our free automated lost and found cat matching system.
  • Taking full advantage of social media advertising makes a dramatic difference in finding cats. Add FACEBOOK BOOST to your lost cat post to turn it into an ad exposed to thousands of Facebook members locally.
  • Vets, Pounds, Councils are places where your lost cat is very likely to end up when brought in by someone who found it. Alerting them is crucial to success and is made simple with our PET ALERT service covering large numbers of businesses and organisations in minutes. You can also include our local LPF members and even members of the General Public.
  • Are you getting overwhelmed by all the information? Do not worry, we will assist you in structuring your lost cat search with our lost CAT FINDING GUIDE - a daily step-by-step instruction covering all bases.

  • Stay positive. We help find cats that have been lost for months and even years. New happy lost cat reunion stories come up on our REUNITED PETS page every day. Check it out if you feel like you are losing hope and need to get back on track.