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Facebook Boost for Lost and Found Pets




  • The power of social media is indisputable in finding lost pets! Your instant LPF Facebook post is the most professional, attention grabbing ad ready to do it's job.

  • Via the power of Facebook Boost your ad can reach thousands of users based on their location. They do not need to belong to any group or page.

  • You do not need to be a Facebook member to utilise this service. LPF gives you the platform to purchase boosts and track the progress and activity via your website Account.

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Boost Options


  • Once your FB Pet Post is up and running you will find it in the 'Facebook' tab in your Account.

  • The boost is so easy to set up! Just choose from the available options to get your Boost started.

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Check Your 'Facebook' tab at any time for:

  • Reach - how many people have seen your ad

  • Clicks - how many times your ad was clicked for more details

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Facebook Comments


  • See your comments coming in and click 'reply' to get in touch with someone who commented on your post (you need to be registered on Facebook for that).

  • Not on Facebook? Let us know, we will help you with getting in touch.



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