Lost Cat in Kenepuru is reunited

ID: 179650

We were able to connect with an amazing local organization called Found a Feline Cat Rescue in which they sent us a photo of a possible cat that looked like Bumble. Turns out it was her. We met up with them and we looked in the area she was last seen but no luck however, they recommended some areas near by for us to check out and that was a church which was connected to the stream that we lost her in. We went there thinking we won’t have any luck but, we will check it anyways. We called out her name and she started crying straight away. Luckily we had food on us and I went straight over the fence and fed her food to lure her towards me and grabbed her when she got near. She had lost her collar so it was even harder to figure out if it was her. She is now home, fed, warm and resting.

We lost her at the Vets when she jumped out of her Carrier and into a nearby local stream which was connected to a train station and bus stop. That whole area was surrounded by bushes.

When we couldn’t find her after she jumped in the stream, we panicked and just spent 3-4 hours going through each bush to try find her. Emotionally was angry at myself for not checking her carrier properly but, was so worried and scared for her when we left her out in the dark cold and hungry for the five nights. Every day and night when we had time we would go out to the stream to try and find her. By Day 4 with no sign of her I was losing hope and mentally drained.

Local business that reached out and helped us were amazing. Thankful they existed as we would have no idea where to look. Thankful for this service and page as they helped to put the word out about Bumble and connect us to the right people.

People going through this is, have patience and don’t be afraid to reach out to people for help. You never know who might actually give you that tip to help find your missing pet. Also trust your pets to find their way back to you as if you have truly given them a loving home, they will come to you when they are lost and desperate.

Thank you for your help and appreciate this page for helping us find Bumble.

Reunited Since 08 Oct 2023
Suburb Kenepuru
Name Bumble
Type Cat
Gender Female
Age 4 years
Desexed Yes
Breed Domestic Medium Hair
Colour Tabby
Size Big
Collar Pink
Microchip Yes