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In many cases the best place to look for a lost dog and the first people to come into contact with are dog pounds and dog shelters in your local areas. Often people will drop dogs they have found wandering and looking lost in their area to these places as it is the first place many pet owners would think to look so they assume the same of other pet owners too.

Often coming into contact or being able to find all of the pounds and shelters or even kennels can be quite difficult – many aren’t listed in the yellow pages or online and sometimes your dog could have wandered further than expected to a new region of pounds and kennels – maybe an area in which you have no experience.

We here at Lost Pet Finders have a database of users and people of interest in regards to lost dogs for everywhere in New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and all capital cities as well as regional and rural centres too with this we offer access in a service to our users to alert a radius of those with potential knowledge regarding the whereabouts of your pet – this saves time as you will reach a wide radius a lot quicker and with a lot more effectiveness than with the old style of wandering the streets screaming their name.

While the above is still a great idea – utilise technological advancements and our unique service offering by listing an advertisement for your lost pet with us here for FREE at Lost Pet Finders today!

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