Taupo Pound

Many pet owners will immediately call the local pound or kennel when their pets have gone missing, and while we agree this is a great idea we have learnt in our decades of offering a pet detective service that sometimes your lost pet can be at the one pound you didn’t call, or even at your neighbour’s house down the road.

We developed a service where our users make an account with us, list the details of their pet like name, markings and colour to name a few along with the best way and time to contact their owner and then we’ll send out a mass message pet alert via SMS, e-mail and by phone to people and pet professionals in the area of Waikato – including the Taupo pound – so that if anyone has seen or knows anything about your lost pet – you’ll be the first to know, and they’ll be able to come home.

More than the Taupo pound and other kennels and vets we’ve got contact points with several other institutions such as clubs and breeders too, so we can safely say that we get results, and the pets that we’ve brought home to their owners would agree – except it might simply sound like a meow or a woof to the untrained ear.

List your lost cat or dog or any other type of pet on our website for free now and take advantage of the biggest innovation in pet detective work since the printed poster!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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