Russell Pound

If you’ve just found out that your pet has gone missing in Northland and the search has begun then we’re happy that you’ve found us. We’ve been pet detectives in Australia and New Zealand for over a decade and have reunited a lot of lost dogs cats and all types of pets with their owners.

We’ve developed a service where you simply list the details of yourself and your lost pet and we can send out a mass message in a radius that is unmatched by any other pet search service.

We can contact the Russell pound, veterinarians, breeders and our wide user base of fellow pet owners immediately after you create your post.

The days of posters on the telegraph poles are well and truly past – we’ve revolutionised and innovated the pet search norms and we’re proud of it. List your lost pet for free with us now and let our users help you bring your pet home.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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