Rotorua Dog Pound

The majority of the pets that we here at lost pet finders have reunited with their owners in the bay of plenty area have arisen from our automated messaging system sending lost pet alerts to the Rotorua pound.

Fellow pet owners will spot what look like lost or wandering pets and take them to the local pound because if their pet was lost, that would probably be the first place they would look.

Our service allows you to make a post and send an automated message via SMS, e-mail and phone calls with all of your pets unique details and your contact details, so that if anyone knows anything – you’ll know too.

We live to reunite pets with their owners because we’ve lost ours in the past and saw that no one was utilizing the internet to aid in pet detective work. List your lost pet with us now and drastically increase the chances of bringing them home and sooner, too!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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