Follow these easy steps:

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1. Click RAISE AN ALERT under your pet's profile picture.

Custom Alert - Raise an Alert



2. CONFIRM the address your Pet Alert will be centred on.
(can be changed)

Custom Alert - Confirm Address




Custom Alert - Select Budget or Distance



4. SELECT BUDGET: and the distance for your coverage areas will be adjusted autoamtically to match it.

Custom Alert - Select Budget Details



5. SELECT DISTANCE: use sliders if you want more control over the size of the areas you wish to cover

Custom Alert - Select Distance Details



6. View the number of people to be alerted and the cost.

Pet Network: registered members + vets, pounds, councils, etc
General Public: members of public not registered with LPF

Custom Alert - See price and people



7. View the distances marked on the map.

Blue circle - Pet Network
Black/Yellow icons - individual Pet Network members
Red circle - General Public

Custom Alert - See distances



8. When ready, tick the box for 'I agree to the Terms of Use' and click ISSUE ALERT to proceed to payment

Custom Alert - Proceed to payment



9. After payment is complete your Pet Alert will be queued for dispatch and will start going out shortly.


Thank you, and best of luck!

Have more questions? Visit Pet Alert page or Contact us