Queenstown Dog Pound

We’ve had a lot of success here at Lost Pet Finders reuniting pets with their owners in Otago.

We’ve brought lost cats, dogs and even birds back home to their owners who were worried about them and had been searching with no luck for days! We’ve developed a web based service that allows us to instantly send messages via SMS, e-mail and even phone calls on your behalf with your lost pet’s details and how to contact you to all the people in your area.

Some of the users that get our unique pet alerts are veterinarians, local dog walkers or breeders, the Queenstown dog pound and fellow pet owners such as you in and around your suburb in Otago.

Here on our Otago page we list a lot of the currently lost pets as well as pets that have been found and need to find their owners to return home to.

By allowing us to message all of the people we know have information regarding lost pets on your behalf you save time, stress and also heavily increase your chances of bringing your lost pet home – SOONER! List your pet as lost with us in Otago and we’ll contact those in the area on your behalf now!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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