Lost Cat in Lyall Bay is reunited

ID: 160411

Little Ellie spent two nights outdoors, after never having set paw outside before! We were just getting ready to go to bed for what would be the third night when we noticed our other cat staring at something out the cat door.

I had a peek out to see what he was looking at and little Elanor’s face popped up on the other side! Looking a bit frightened but relieved. Some on hand jellymeat was all it took for her to come running back inside. A lovely lady named Elizabeth had commented on the Facebook post that Lost Pet Finders posted, giving great advice on steps to take. We made fliers and posted them around, and asked to look around neighbours houses. We left her blanket and litter tray outside with some food. I reread it this afternoon and decided to hang some of our blankets on the washing line so she could smell our scent, and within a few hours she was back!

Amazing how cats senses are so strong, even though she’s never been outside and it was dark and raining when she escaped, she managed to find her way back.

Thanks to Elizabeth and everyone at Pet Finders for your help, we’re so happy to have her back.

Reunited Since 02 Jul 2022
Suburb Lyall Bay
Name Elanor
Type Cat
Gender Female
Age 19 months
Desexed Yes
Breed Domestic Long Hair
Colour Black, White
Size Medium
Collar None
Microchip Yes