Our top ten pet-finding tips

Find your pet quickly and easily

When you’ve lost your pet, it’s easy to panic and to be uncertain about what to do next. The tips below could help you find your pet quickly and easily:

  1. Put a FREE ad up
    on Lost Pet Finders location based lost and found pet map here.
  2. Send a Pet Alert
    that will immediately go out to local people & Pet Professionals via phone, SMS and email with your pet's description and your contact details.
  3. Visit your local pound
    Can't stress this enough! You need to check the pounds and shelters in person, do not rely on micorchips or checking over the phone.
  4. Distribute flyers
    Print out your lost pet flyer from your Account and post it in public places like schools, supermarkets, do letter drops to your neighbours' mailboxes.
  5. Food and water
    Start putting your pet's favorite food along with a bowl of water outside in case it returns when you are not home.
  6. Utilise Facebook
    Get an instant Facebook post on NZ Facebook page and access our Facebook Boost service to maximise the local exposure of your post.
  7. Recognise the smell
    Animals see with their nose. The scent of something familiar can travel a long way and lead your pet back home. Leave worn clothing outside or even sprinkle litter tray contents onto the garden.
  8. Offer a reward
    You may want to offer a small reward for your missing pet to encourage local kids to help, but be careful – do not offer too much as it can attract the unwanted attention of scammers.
  9. Get possible matches via Pet Radar
    Once your pet is registered with us, you will be getting notified of new found pet registrations locally that could be potential matches. Your listing will also be sent to people who found a similar pet in near you.
  10. Further exposure on Facebook
    Post your pet on other lost pet groups and pages on Facebook nationally and locally. Click here for the list.

Do not give up! Be persistent, your pet needs you to keep searching!



Start your search now. Time is critical: 

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