Napier Pound And Animal Control

The pound located in Napier is known for holding and returning many of the lost pets from the Hawke’s bay and Napier area. Sometimes our lost pets have wandered further than expected and the potential location for finding your pet isn’t where they’re located, or no one in the area has seen or heard anything from your pet since the time that you had left.

This is where our service comes in handy and improves your chance of bringing your loved one home sooner –safe and sound. Simply join for FREE and list your pet as lost with all of their and your contact details.

Then if you wish you can further increase your chances and better your search by sending out one of our unique pet alerts via SMS, email or phone call instantly and automatically to all of the points in interest that have provided us with information regarding lost pets in Hawke’s bay in the past. Join now and increase your chances of finding your lost pet by posting about their details and putting our pet detectives on the case in and around your area!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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