Milton Pound

If you’re looking for a lost pet in Otago then contacting the local kennels, breeders and pounds can be a great start, but knowing where to begin and who to contact directly is not only stressful and time consuming but confusing.

In the time you spend researching and finding who can contact the lost cat or dog can wander even further and the search can become near impossible. We here at LPF have developed a service that allows you to contact all of the major players in pet detective work in one action.

You let us know the details and list your pet as lost in Otago and we’ll contact all of our users and the animal control units in your area and surrounding you in an area of radius defined by you.

We’ve had a lot of success sending out our automated customised SMS, e-mail and phone call messages to the Milton pound and many others in the Otago area which has led to us reuniting thousands of pets with their owners not only in your home town but across New Zealand and even in Australia – which is where it all begun.

Don’t waste any more time and take the search to the next level with us here at LPF!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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