Microchips and Lost Pets

How microchips can help you find your lost pet

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Lost Pet Finders make it possible to look pets up by microchip number on their LOST & FOUND engine whilst still maintaining members' privacy by not displaying chip numbers publicly.

We recommend microchipping your pet as soon as possible. It is by far the best guarantee of finding your pet when it goes missing as this reply from one of our clients shows:

"Chomper was returned Friday almost 11 months after he went missing. Someone decided to keep Chomper for a year but then decided to give him away telling the new owners that the previous owners didn't want him. When the new owners took him to the vet, he was scanned for a microchip. The vet called the owners registered on the chip asking if there was a dispute with ownership. Chomper was then reunited with his owners."

But unfortunately they can not always be relied upon. We here at Lost Pet Finders continually hear stories where a pet has failed to be reunited with it's owner even though it was microchipped.

Microchips do fail and can be tampered with so make sure your vet checks the microchip on each visit.

Below is a direct quote from a client that we recently helped.

"Discovered that vets and the pound will not, and are not obligated in any way to scan for a microchip and contact the owner."

Very disappointing! We are sure that most pet professionals will take the time to check but not always.

"Had been at the pound, unfortunately due to it being a busy time of year, she wasn't checked for a microchip. Glad she's home safe and sound".

So while some people may recommend waiting for someone to surrender your pet to a vet or pound, we don't.

Some local councils will only hold a pet for 7 days! So time is critical. Let us help!



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