Lost Dogs Christchurch

When we founded LPF over a decade ago we envisioned the use of technology and the internet to allow for an automated message service that would SMS, e-mail and phone everyone in the Canterbury area about lost dogs in Christchurch with the details of their owners so that if anyone had ANY information, the owner would be the first to know.

We successfully brought this vision to fruition and are offering our services to not only Canterbury but all of New Zealand. Simply log on and list your lost dogs details and we’ll send out a pet alert to all of the big players in your area; such as vets, kennels and pounds – letting them know what the dog looks like, sounds like, answers to and of course, belongs to.

This revolution in pet detective work is unmatched and we’re proud to say that we’ve brought many pets back to the arms of their owners through our vision. Don’t wait any longer and increase the reach and chance of success of your lost dog search by listing your lost dog with us for free now!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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