Lost Cats Wellington

If you’ve come home only to find that your cat is all of a sudden lost and you have no idea where they could be – we would suggest asking your neighbours but don’t wait too long to act.

Cats are known to roam and can often find themselves in dangerous places such as highways and other heavily populated and dense locations which can be scary for them and cause them to travel even further from their point of reference.

We’ve built a service here at Lost pet finders that allows you to list your cats details such as name, breed, colourings and anything else that is unique: we then take this information and send out messages via SMS, e-mail and phone calls to the local pet stores, breeders, vets, pounds, kennels and even households in your area on your behalf.

They’ll be notified that the search is on for your pet – what they’re looking for – and your contact details. If anyone has already seen or is in possession of your lost cat they’ll be able to easily get in contact with you and bring your feline friend home. Don’t wait too long to act – let us get on the case and help bring them home as soon as possible like the many other lost cats we’ve reunited with their owners across Australia and New Zealand in the past.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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