Lost Cats Christchurch

In many cases that we’ve seen in our detective work for lost cats in Christchurch in the past – it turns out they were at the neighbour’s house snacking on their pets food or simply hanging around trying to get one last stalk on that neighbourhood mouse.

But in some cases, they have truly gone missing or are lost, and no one seems to have any information regarding their where abouts or where they were last seen.

We developed a service that allows you to list all of your lost cats details like their breed, name, and distinguishing features so that we can automatically and instantaneously SMS, e-mail and phone all of the local animal control units as well as fellow users and vets in a radius around Christchurch to look for where they’re being held or if anyone has any information.

As a result of our service we’ve brought heaps of lost pets back to their owners in and surrounding Canterbury, across all of New Zealand and in every state of Australia.

We increase the chances of your pet being brought home and we truly believe that no time is too soon to take the search to the next level – list your cat as lost with us for free today!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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