Lost Cats Auckland

Our feline friends are known for their curiosity – and sometimes their curiosity can take them to places that you never even thought were possible for them to reach in the time that you’d realised they’d been lost.

Lost Pet Finders is a revolutionary service that offers pet owners the ability to contact every point of interest in Auckland about their lost cat with their contact details and every specificity regarding their cat such as name breed and colour to name a few; in the hopes and realistic expectation that they’ll be brought home sooner.

We’ve reunited a lot of lost cats with their owners simply by sending out a mass message that is customised by their owner with their details to all of the people we know have had information in the past such as the vets, pounds and fellow LPF users in Auckland.

List your cat as lost on our website for free now and let us help you reunite your cat with your owner – simply waiting for them to return home can be a futile exercise as they may have wandered further than you can call with each minute that passes.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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