Hastings Pound And Animal Control

Hawke’s Bay is just one example of the areas in New Zealand that we here at Lost pet finders have been working to develop relationships with animal control in Hastings such as local veterinarians and the Hastings pound in an attempt to be able to offer a one – stop location for lost pet owners trying to reach out to the public for help in their search.

Whether you’ve lost a bird, dog or cat is irrelevant – its nerve wracking, and it can really get the best of people. Trust us – we’d know – we have owned dogs ourselfs and we have lost them temporarily – which is what motivated us to develop and offer our service of unique pet alert and pet detective work.

Our service is very simple – you simply make an account with us and list your pet as lost in Hawke’s bay with details like their age, breed, name, gender, unique markings and anything else that makes your lost pet stand out. We then take this information coupled with your contact details and contact not only the local Hastings pound in your area of Hawke’s bay but surrounding areas that have proven to have information regarding animals that have been lost and found in the past via SMS, e-mail and even by phone.

This wide spread reach is almost instantaneous as it’s sent out rapidly and accurately to those who have been in the know in the past and would be in the know in the future.

Our story is in our about me about the pets we’ve brought home to their owners not only in Australia but in New Zealand – nationwide! Take advantage of our technological and entrepreneurial innovation in animal search and control and list your pet as lost for free with us today!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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