Dunedin Dog And Pets Pound

We established Lost Pet Finders over a decade ago originally in Australia and now we are offering our services in Otago and across New Zealand.

We’ve put a great deal of time into establishing connections with institutions in animal control, local veterinarians, Dunedin pound and many other individuals and businesses that have knowledge regarding lost dogs, cats and other types of pets in the Otago area.

Our system works by allowing our users to make a free post with their details to be contacted regarding the lost pet, along with any unique and identifying quality of their lost pet that they’re currently searching for.

Coupled with this our system allows the service to continue further and exacerbate the chances of success in finding the lost pet by automatically sending SMS messages, e-mails and making phone calls to not only the Dunedin dog pound but any potential information bearer around a radius of the pet owner.

We’ve brought a multitude of pets home in Australia and New Zealand so we know it works - don’t wait any longer and post your lost pet on the Otago lost pets page now!

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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