Christchurch Dog Pound And Animal Control

We here at LPF are dedicated to bringing lost pets home, no matter where we are or where they might be.

We believe that with the use of technological advancements and the internet, pet detective work and the search for pets with the alliance of animal control in Christchurch should be innovated – so we decided to do it ourselves.

Our service is easy to use and pretty straight forward – you simply log on and list all of the details about your lost pet that make it uniquely it – such as name, breed, colour, markings and anything else that will help a user identify them.

Once you’ve added all these details as well as the best way and time to contact you, our unique pet alert system will let all of our data base of contacts in a radius around where you specify know that the search is on and will notify them via SMS, e-mail and by phone call.

Our data base includes but is not limited to local veterinarians, the Christchurch pound, animal rescue, walkers and breeders. As well as fellow pet owners and LPF users in the area, we know who to ask and how to ask them all at once with the information that they need to help bring your pet home. List your pet as lost with us now for free and help us bring them home.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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