Cambridge Pound

Our unique pet alert system here at LPF has allowed us to reunite pets with their owners for decades in Australia and New Zealand and in your suburb of Waikato, too.

We’ve brought thousands of birds, cats and dogs back to their owners with our revolutionary service. You simply list your pets details and your contact details and we send out a pet alert to the local users, vets, Cambridge pounds, kennels and everything in between that may relate to knowledge of your pets where abouts in an instant including your neighbours.

What this means is that the reach of your search and the success rate is dramatically increased instantly too.

Our service is one of a kind and no one offers anything similar – we developed it because we care and we’ve lost our pets, too.

We strive to reunite pets and their owners because we truly believe that there aren’t many more things as upsetting as losing a pet – in many cases their just like family members! List your pet as lost with us now.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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