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REUNION STORY OF THE DAY: Eddie the lost cat from Hamilton Waikato Thursday 26 April 2018 @ 13:00

REUNION STORY OF THE DAY: Eddie from Hamilton Waikato

"I have had Eddie 8 years, since he was three weeks old, he was abandoned by his birth mother, a stray, when he was one week old. My friend found him under a deck at her cousin’s house and brought him home. Unfortunately, her cat didn’t want a little brother, so I adopted Eddie.

lost cat found reunited Hamilton Waikato

Eddie and I have always had a very close relationship. People say they’ve never seen a cat love someone the way Eddie loves me...the feeling is mutual.

I went away for four nights earlier this month. I had a friend coming over every evening to feed Eddie and his adopted sister Alice. Normally when I go away the cats go to the kitty motel, but last time Eddie fretted, and apparently vomited blood a couple of times. I thought it would be easier for him to stay home in his own familiar environment. However, that didn’t work out so well, because when I came home Eddie was gone.

To begin with, I thought he would come back shortly. I even thought he was probably hiding somewhere watching me and punishing me for going away, but when he didn’t come home for dinner I knew something was wrong.

The next few days I expected him to come flying through the cat door at any moment. I was confused, not knowing what had happened, where he was, why he’d gone, had he got into a car or someone shed? Ever scenario was playing over in my mind. I had a day where I couldn’t stop crying. That just made me feel lousy. It was around this time that I contacted Lost Pet Finders. My neighbourhood search and constant calling “EDDIE” wasn’t getting a result.

I shared Eddie’s Lost Pet Finders notice to as many lost pet websites as I could find. I was amazed by the support I received from complete strangers, it really did help to keep me motivated and thinking positive. I put flyers in letterboxes, and posters on shop windows, at the library, and at the vets. Nothing was happening. I was starting to lose hope and think the worst.

Today I received a phone call from a woman says that my cat was under her daughter’s house. She gave me the address. I hurried over, it was about four streets away. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, Eddie is a grey tabby and not very distinctive, it could easily have been another cat. I drove up the driveway and before I had a chance to get out of the car, Eddie was sitting there looking up at me. It was my boy!

Apparently, he had been there about a week, he had been missing 13 days. The lady had been giving him some food, as she could see Eddie had a collar and must belong to someone. It was only today that she was able to get close enough to read my phone number on his tag.

So after all the internet notices, flyers and posters, it was his collar and tag that helped Eddie to come home." - Robyn

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