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REUNION STORY OF THE DAY: Amelia the lost cockatiel from Auckland Wednesday 11 April 2018 @ 13:00

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REUNION STORY OF THE DAY: Amelia the beautiful cockatiel from Auckland

"Never give up hope! I found Amelia by going to the direction I last saw her fly too and whistled and called her name until I heard her calling back!!

I followed the sound of her whistle until I saw her in a tree it was amazing I was so happy to see her and I think she was happy to see me too so I got her seed bowl out with seed and held it up to her she must of been hungry I waited patiently for half and hour but she came down and flew onto my head and then my hand while I gently placed her back into her cage safe and sound.

Like I said do not give up hope! Good Luck!" - Lesley

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