Auckland Dog Pound And Animal Shelter

If your dog, cat, bird or any other type of pet has gone missing in Auckland or the surrounding areas anywhere in New Zealand then list them as lost with us here at LPF now.

We’ve developed points of contact with the Auckland pound for all pets: among pet owners and vets to name a few so that if you’re looking for your lost pet in Auckland or anywhere near it – all you will need to do to reach the people who may either have or at least have knowledge of where your pet is, is simply list their unique characteristics with us and then let our automated system send out a message in a wide radius via SMS, by phone or even by e-mail on your behalf.

If anyone has seen or knows anything, they’ll either contact us or contact you directly thanks to your customised message and then your pet will be brought home sooner.

The time it takes to call the Auckland pounds or anyone else who you may think may have information is time that your pet could be spending running further from your reach and thought patterns.

Our mass messaging service will let everyone in the radius know that your pet is lost and who to contact in a time that is unmatched by any other pet detective or lost pet help service available in Auckland. List your pet as lost for free on our website now and let us aid you in your search.

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