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We know how much you care about pets. So many of you will put the extra effort in to make sure a fur- or a feather-baby gets home safe to the frantic family.

This is why at the heart of Lost Pet Finders there is the Pet Network - the ever growing community of pet lovers, volunteers, pet professionals and other truly wonderful people who understand the devastation of losing a pet and willing to offer their help and support. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Pet Network


We really appreciate the support everyone gave us while Ruby was missing. It sure helped us feel like there was more of as chance of her turning up.

― Ruby & Glen, Christchurch

Pet Network



All you need to do is register on the website and provide your location and a method of contact, so that we can send you lost Pet Alerts to let you know about pets missing in your local area. You are more than welcome to contact the owner and offer help or just a word of advice or encouragement. You can adjust how you get alerts (email, sms or phone) in your ‘Pet Alert’ tab once you register. Let's make a difference in someone's life together!


Just knowing there was a network like this available was enough hope we needed to keep searching! Thanks!! :) 

― Wally & James, Auckland



This means that a pet is lost within just a few hundred meters around you. Checking your shed, garage or the surrounding area may only take a few minutes, but it is incredibly helpful and appreciated! You can see more details of the pet if you look up the pet ID quoted in the message in our Pet Map.

However, it does not mean you are a Pet Network member yet. Please register here and you can adjust how you receive Alerts.

Pet Alert Call



You do not need to be a detective to help someone through a stressful time of losing their pet.


Lost Found Parrot

  • Register to receive lost Pet Alerts
  • Like Lost Pet Finders NZ on Facebook
  • Forward Pet Alert email to your friends
  • Share Facebook Pet Alert with local community pages and groups
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Display prinded Pet Alert in your shop if you are a vet or any other business
  • Keep an eye out when you are out and about
  • Check your property including sheds and garages
  • Let us or the owner know about any possible sightings



Please refer to our FAQ page or navigate to:

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You can show everyone that you now belong to the wonderful supportive community here at Lost Pet Finders by displaying one of our badges as your profile picture on facebook.

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