Our goals


Helping your pet find their way home

We started Lost Pet Finders because we felt there was a genuine need to offer fast, practical help to people who had lost their pets. Other sites may offer advice, but when your pet is missing, what you need is action.

Our advanced pet finding service gives you just that.

We’re pet owners ourselves (a Mastiff Cross Wolfhound called Crighton) and we’ve experienced the anguish that comes from losing a loved pet – it’s a truly horrible feeling.

So, the Lost Pet Finders goals are simple:

  • To connect you with a network of volunteers and pet professionals who can help find your pet
  • To offer a fast, cost effective way of getting your pet’s details out there


The story so far

We founded a basic version of Lost Pet Finders in 2007 but since then, technology has advanced enough for us to hugely improve our service. Now, members are able to canvas their local area via email, SMS and telephone – making the right people aware that a pet has been lost or found.


And it works. Since 2007 we’ve reunited hundreds of pets with their owners. So, if you’d like to see how our proven Pet Alert System works, join today and get involved.

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You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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